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How To Buy

Purchasing Koi from Artisan Koi Farm is easier than you think. You can begin by browsing through all our products. On our website, customers can buy koi through a fixed price or through an auction where you can bid on a variety of koi available. As you are browsing, and spot something a koi you like, add it to the cart. When you are finished shopping, you can begin the checkout process to finally place your order. During the checkout process, you will be prompted for a delivery date so you can choose the best day to receive your koi. Once you are finished, hit ‘place order’ and we will begin the shipping process. 


When we ship your Koi, we will take into consideration the condition of the koi, water temperature, delivery time etc. After being examined, your fish will be carefully placed in a heavy duty shipping bag which is then filled with water and oxygen and sealed securely with a heavy-duty rubber band and placed in a corrugated shipping box with an icepack to regulate the water temperature.


Our Koi’s health is one our major concerns whenever we ship our koi and having your koi arrive at your home, healthy and happy is our main priority. The goal we want to have to have is to have a good relationship with our customers regardless of if you’re a hobbyist or a breeder and provide you with highest quality Koi. Therefore, before your fish arrives, we will make ensure that your fish is quarantined and checked for any health issues before being sent out.


After being examined and packaged, UPS will then pick up your order and your koi’s journey will have begun. All fish on our website are shipped through UPS Next Day Air, so it won’t be long for your new Koi to arrive at your doorstep!


Have any more questions regarding shipping information, return policies, or how are website works? Check our FAQ’s or email your questions at

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