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14 Day Health Guarantee

At Artisan Koi Farm, we try our best to ensure every Import Japanese koi arrives at your doorstep, on time, healthy, and happy. However, despite the various precautions we take to try and prepare our koi for its travels, we often can’t control what happens after our fish have shipped.


In the most extreme case, the journey may be stressful for our koi and occasionally your koi may arrive DOA (Dead on Arrival). For this exact reason and to provide our customers with the best service and customer experience possible, all koi bought under Artisan Koi Farm is covered by a 14-Day Guarantee.


With this in place, our customers can shop with peace of mind, knowing they will always be covered.


To receive your refund, please report all fish that died within the 14-day period after receiving your shipment. Please document with a photograph and email us at


Be sure to include the following information in your email


  • Full Name matching the order

  • Order #

  • SKU and Exact Product Name

  • Reason for death

  • Please also provide your preference for store credit or refund. 




If anything should happen to your Koi outside of the 14-day holding period, we are no longer responsible for giving out a refund. In addition to that, there are additional circumstances that will make our policy void. These include deaths from jumping, predators, disappearance, or issues regarding water quality or any negligence by the customers. Please also note that we reserve the right to review and question any submitted claim for loss.

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